Customer / Supplier Creation

In order to create Customer / Supplier , Click on the corresponding link from the Chart of Accounts

If the Customer is a VAT registered person (B2B) , you may fill the following information for the Customer:-

1) Company English Name
2) Company Arabic Name
3) VAT Registration Number
4) Address in English
5) Address in Arabic

Customer and Supplier Creation

if the customer is an end user ( B2C ) and you want to keep his Credit Record , you can create his Ledger with English/Arabic name without additional details.
if you want to list or modify the Customer / Suppliers , click on the link above ( List/Modify/Delete ...).

Customer / Supplier Ledgers automatically placed  under the following groups:-

Current Assets -> Sundry Debtors -> Customer Name 
Current Liabilities -> Sundry Creditors -> Supplier Name

Customer and Suppliers